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Guidelines / Docs

When exporting goods from Lebanon some documents and regulations will be applied before the exit of goods to the destination. Failure to submit required documents may delay goods when exporting

Exporters need to include the following documents with their goods:

  1. Original Commercial Invoice
  2. For certain goods, a strategic export license is required. Example where these licenses are needed include: military, dual-use, chemicals, technological, electronic goods, radioactive material, and agricultural goods

Other documents that could be required would depend on the specific requirements of the destinations.


Important Notes 

  • All exported goods might be inspected by Customs Authorities
  • A.S.L. will not transport goods that are prohibited by the laws or regulations of Lebanon

Note that valid company documents should be available:


For registered companies:

  • Copy of Commercial Register
  • Commercial Circular
  • Valid clearance certificate from National Social Security Fund
  • ID copy of the authorized signatory
  • Financial Register from the Ministry of Finance