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Special Projects

A.S.L Special Projects Division serves as your partner in transportation of large and complicated shipments. We can also provide full documentation and communications tailored to your specific needs.
We are operating many shipments that require specialized handling and more attention than the ordinary. Project cargo usually requires work that does not fit into the normal scope of general Freight Forwarding.

Special Projects require:

o A careful analysis of the work to be performed as well as the existing infrastructure
o Specific planning based on the most suitable feasibility study
o A high degree of experience and “know-how”
o Execution and coordination of the transport within tight time limits
o A careful selection of suitable air, sea or land carriers

We are well prepared and employ experienced professionals to handle even the most difficult projects. When it comes to overseas services related to project handling we can rely on our global network to manage the movement of the goods from door to site.
Our firm has build up an extensive knowledge and experience of worldwide transport infrastructure, using and combining a variety of land, sea and air transports.

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