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Guidelines / Docs

Companies importing goods into Lebanon are required to present the below documents to be able to clear their shipments

For registered companies:

    - Copy of Commercial Register
    - Commercial Circular
    - Valid clearance certificate from National Social Security Fund
    - ID copy of the authorized signatory
    - Financial Register from the Ministry of Finance

Each shipment should be accompanied by the below documents:

    Original Waybill (requirement of a bill of lading please refer to useful customs forms)

    Original Commercial Invoice (requirement of an valid commercial invoice please refer to useful customs forms))
    Packing List (detailed) showing the contents of each package
    Clearance Form: An identification form to both importer and clearance broker, signed and stamped by the importer’s authorized signatory person and the clearance broker (please refer to section of Useful Customs Forms)
    Declaration of Value (DEV) Form for all imported goods of value equal or greater than USD 3,500 (please refer to section of Useful Customs Forms)

Note that the above documents required are for non food and basic commodity (ex: furniture – non electric plastic, metal, glass kitchen tools,

Below are some commodities that necessitate additional documents as well as more requirements


Food shipments (chocolates – biscuits – cereals – confectionery – jam – canned fruits and vegetables – dressing )
Food shipments based on fish, meat or chicken products
Food supplements
Sanitary ware
Electrical products
Printed matter, brochures, books, software, DVDs, and CDs
Telephones, modems, receivers, router