Important Notice Regarding New IRI and MOIndustry Regulations

Dear Valued Clients,

We would like to inform you about the recent changes in regulations concerning IRI approvals that may impact your importation processes.

Please take note of the following updates:

  • Furniture Importation

As you are likely aware, furniture imports now require IRI approval and pre-licensing from the Ministry of Industry. Additionally, a new regulation has been introduced stipulating that all furniture items will be placed under pledge. Consequently, inspections will be carried out at your warehouse upon the delivery of cargo.

You will be notified on the same day as the goods' delivery that they cannot be sold until you have received the IRI conformity certificate from our side.

  • Delays in Clearance for IRI-Approved Shipments

Shipments subject to IRI approval, particularly cosmetics and detergent, may experience delays in clearance.

This delay arises because IRI now requires a copy of the Delivery Order before releasing the certificate; even if we have already submitted the necessary files to IRI, we will need to wait for the goods to reach and the DO to be collected before finalizing the IRI process.

  • IRI Inspection for Cosmetics Products: All cosmetic shipments will undergo inspection by IRI at the port.

Once the Delivery Order is collected, we will notify IRI to conduct sample retrieval, allowing us to issue the certificate and proceed with the Ministry of Health's approval.

This could potentially lead to a clearance delay, as the process of retrieving samples by IRI and waiting for the certificate to be issued typically takes approximately 5-7 days. Additionally, please be aware that the Ministry of Health (MOH) operates only once or twice a week. (For those not shipping with ASL, please ensure you allow for additional free days of demurrage to prevent incurring extra charges.)

Important Notice Regarding New IRI and MOIndustry Regulations

We will communicate with you on a case-by-case basis regarding the specific implications of these changes for your shipments. Please also be aware that you can track the progress of your shipments online through our website.

Best Regards,


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