Important Update

Change in Payment Method for Customs Formalities

Dear Valued Customers,

We hope this message finds you well. We would like to inform you of a significant change in our payment procedures for customs formalities.

Effective immediately, we will no longer be able to accept cash payments for customs transactions. This decision is in response to recent challenges we have encountered in the handling of cash payments.

  • *Background:*

In the past, we accepted cash payments for customs duties and related fees. However, we have experienced difficulties in the reconciliation of these cash transactions with customs officials and the Banque du Liban (BDL). Customs officials are no longer counting cash on the spot and are sending the funds to BDL, where the counting process takes place. Unfortunately, this has led to discrepancies in the amounts recorded, and we have received notices from BDL and customs, requesting coverage for missing amounts.

  • *New Payment Method:*

To ensure the accuracy and transparency of all transactions, and to prevent any potential discrepancies, we will now require that all customs formalities be settled using banker's checks. We believe this change will help streamline the payment process and enhance financial security for both our clients and our team.

We understand that this transition may require an adjustment, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service and ensuring that your customs formalities are handled efficiently and accurately.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding this change, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to assist you with the transition to the new payment method.

Thank you for your continued trust in our services. We look forward to serving you with the same dedication and commitment to excellence.



Important Notice Regarding New IRI and MOIndustry Regulations